28-29 October 2022



Watch Alice Vanderpol, PATY 2018 winner, talk about the pharmacy assistants’ role in pain management. The module covers identification and treatment of pain, different types of OTC pain medicines including the combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen, talking to patients about their pain, additional pain treatments, and identifying when to refer patients with pain to the pharmacist.  

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Superannuation – how small steps today can make a big difference tomorrow

GuildSuper - a proud supporter of the PATY Award since 2012 - is dedicated to educating pharmacy assistants about their superannuation. By keeping you better informed of the choices available, GuildSuper can help you achieve a better financial future. Click below to hear from Michele Herbert, Client Partnership Executive at GuildSuper, about the small steps you can take now to make a big different tomorrow.

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