Nominations for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award (PATY) are closing soon, on Friday 16 July.

Trent Twomey, President of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, said there was still short time left for eligible pharmacy assistants to nominate themselves and said the online process is simple and takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

“PATY is open to all Australian pharmacy assistants with a minimum of two years of industry experience,” said Mr. Twomey, “The award is a great opportunity for pharmacy assistants.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with a great number of outstanding pharmacy assistants,” said Mr. Twomey, “If you’re eligible, take that last step and self-nominate or complete your submission!”

Mr. Twomey also said the prizes being offered are also a great incentive for eligible pharmacy assistants to enter.

“The national winner receives over $10,000 worth of prizes, including a trophy, a cash prize of $5,000, a customised training package, and return flights, accommodation, and registration to the COVID-Safe Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP) and the Pharmacy Assistant National Conference in 2022,” said Mr. Twomey.

“The top ten finalists in each state are invited to participate in state workshops, providing professional development opportunities for participants,” Mr. Twomey said.

Mr. Twomey also pointed to last year’s winner as an example for Pharmacy Assistants to follow.

“Last year saw Benjamin King from Alice Springs Pharmacy recognised as Australia’s outstanding pharmacy assistant,” said Mr. Twomey, “Ben had submitted a PATY nomination in a previous year but wasn’t one of the Northern Territory finalists. However, Ben nominated again in 2020, which saw him win the award nationally.”

Mr. King has said the best thing about winning PATY is the reach it has across the industry, “I’m presenting myself to hundreds of others in the industry and representing the Northern Territory, Alice Springs, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Northern Territory Branch, my company and the wonderful people I work with.”

Mr. King also encouraged other Pharmacy Assistants to enter, “What do you have to lose? Think on that. There’s nothing you can lose by giving it a go. On the other hand, there’s plenty to gain. I’ve met some lovely assistants from all over Australia, and I’ve got the pleasure of working with them for the next year.