28-29 October 2022




The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is committed to the health and safety of all PA Conference attendees. Considerable planning is taking place to ensure the event is safe for delegates, exhibitors and staff.

The PA Conference will be run in accordance with the Queensland Government’s COVID Safe Event Checklist, which includes the following requirements:
• a maximum occupant density of 1 person per 2m2 (this includes dance floors)
• collection of contact tracing information using the Check In Qld app
• regular and thorough cleaning of the conference venue
• availability of hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser

To mitigate any risks associated with COVID-19, the following measures will be implemented for the safety and wellbeing of staff and attendees:


If any of the following apply to you, you must not attend:

• You are required to self-isolate under laws aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19
• You have been diagnosed as having COVID-19
• You have experienced symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss of taste or smell in the last 14 days
• You or a member of your household has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
• You or a member or your household has been in close contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms
• You or a member of your household has travelled overseas in the past 14 days
• You or a member of your household has travelled to a COVID-19 hotspot in Australia in the past 14 days


These include:

• Hand sanitiser stations being made available at hygiene stations throughout the venue
• Disinfection of seating and touchpoints being conducted on a frequent basis
• Increased cleaning of venue spaces and handrails being conducted
• Increased cleaning of bathrooms being conducted


Whilst physical distancing is the responsibility of each individual attendee, the following measures will be put in place to assist with maintaining physical distancing:

• Physical distancing markers will be placed at queuing areas such as food service and registration
• Session seating will be arranged to ensure 1.5m distancing
• One-way traffic routing, with separate entry and exit points, will be set up
• Capacities in the session rooms and the trade exhibition will be monitored
• Staff monitoring of traffic flow and distancing will occur
• Signage indicating the maximum capacities in lifts, toilets and other facilities will be displayed


To help us ensure that the PA Conference is a COVID Safe event for all attendees, we ask you to do the following:

• Register online before you arrive at the event to limit touchpoints in the registration area
• If you haven’t already registered for the event, make sure you register online before arriving at the venue (online registration will be open during the event – you can register on your mobile phone)
• Bring your registration QR code with you – this will be sent via email the week prior to the conference and will also available on the event mobile app
• Download the event app – as well as accessing your registration QR code, the app will also allow you to receive any important notifications during the event. Some event information is only available via the app, e.g. there will be no printed programs available
• Check in to the venue each day using a QR code. Please allow extra time each day, particularly on Thursday afternoon, to check in via the Check In Qld app.
• Check in to the social functions and ensure that any guests accompanying you also check in
• Observe physical distancing (1.5m) where possible
• Wear a face mask in situations where you may not be able to maintain physical distancing or if you are moving through areas where lots of people are gathered. We recommend keeping a mask with you so that if you find yourself in one of these situations, you have some added protection
• Download the COVIDSafe app to aid contact tracing, if needed

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