The most recent addition to PA2019’s speaker-lineup, Katrina McCarter, is seen in the latest publication of Retail Pharmacy Assistant emag discussing the importance of engaging with ‘shopping mums’.


Why you need to engage ‘shopping mums’

Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants need to engage with mothers – because they’re the ones who hold the purse strings and wield enormous purchasing power.

This is the message from CEO of Marketing to Mums Katrina McCarter.

She also warns that mothers have very exacting standards when it comes to the customer experience – and you disappoint them at your peril.

“Mums have a very high expectation of customer experience and they understand their value as a shopper,” Ms McCarter said. “Often, they’re shopping for multiple generations, so they understand their power too.

“To meet that customer-experience expectation, there needs to be a lot more work done at all levels – by the business owner, by the pharmacist, and by the pharmacy assistants. They all need to be singing that same song.”

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